Tongue Twisting Dinners
@ an other world

April - July 2023

Tongue Twisting Dinners is a series of four monthly dinners hosted by Eathouse. They explore ways of initiating critical dialogue around contemporary urgencies by bringing people and culinary practice together. For each session Eathouse will host a different topic elaborated by guests whose research will guide the dialogue. The dinners will try out unconventional formats that attempt to dissolve the separation between host, guest and audience through inclusive prompts.

Session 1: thinking collectively, digesting critically.

For our April session, thinking collectively, digesting critically we will be focusing on past and present art collectives and how they employ forms of resistance. This conversation will be centred around the experience of Rotterdam based collectives with invited guests ook_ (reinaart vanhoe and mariëlle verdijk) who were part of documenta fifteen and an other world (Hedvig Koertz, Larisa David and Jake Caleb) who run the project space where the dinners will be held. The conversations will happen in English.

Session 2: who owns, who belongs, who reigns, who cooks.

The conversation during the second Tongue Twisting Dinner will focus on issues of food sovereignty, belonging and recognition of cultures through local culinary practices. We will be inviting guests Alaa Abu Asad, Escuela de Garaje (Santiago Pinyol) and Michael Lewis to elaborate on their experiences and knowledge and discuss the questions below:

Session 3: reclamation of growth, attention to decay.

The conversation during the third Tongue Twisting Dinner will focus on gardening and composting on an urban scale as methodologies for living through ecological crises. We will be inviting guests Four Siblings (Müge Yılmaz, Marija Šujica, Emiel Wolf) to talk about their edible living labyrinth in Amsterdam Nieuw West and Kate Price & Guillem S. Arquer, who will discuss their recent research into communities within Rotterdam engaged in making compost.

Session 4: TBA

Graphic Design: Studio Lieneman
Photos courtesy: Sophie Bates, Nick Thomas.

Tongue Twisting Dinners has been kindly supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam.