Eathouse cooks @
Pakghor Social Kitchen
documenta fifteen


During our residency at Lemon House in Kassel, Eathouse approached Britto Arts Trust to cook at their project 'PAKGHOR the social kitchen' during documenta fifteen.

Melly x Eathouse
x Family Dinner
Kunstinstituut Melly


Eathouse invited artists Charli Herrington and Gordon Williams to discuss their collective practice Family Dinner. During the event guests could make their own amaro, a herbal liqueur while discussing ideas surrounding community and care.
Melly x Eathouse
x Bérénice Staiger
Kunstinstituut Melly


During this event Bérénice Staiger shared her project and publication Aan Tafel where she collected recipes, memories, family photos and drawings from residents of the Wielewaal neighbourhood in Rotterdam.
Eathouse x Alejandra López & Lena Longefay
Kunstinstituut Melly


A medieval tasting session exploring the ecological thinking of mystic Saint Hildegard von Bingen courtesy of artists Alejandra López & Lena Longefay.
The artists invited an audience to join them in a collective investigation of the term 'infusion' through an edible installation of infused food and drink.
Various venues Rotterdam & online

May - Aug 2021

LIVE FEED was an online cooking broadcast where members of Eathouse collective shared, discussed and demonstrated a recipe that resonates
with their artistic practice.
Each broadcast was hosted by a different arts venues around Rotterdam
Eathouse cooks @ Paviljoen aan het Water

May - Sep 2020

For the 2020 summer season, Eathouse cooked and hosted the restaurant at Paviljoen aan het Water. For the takeover Eathouse cooked a selection of dishes from their personal backgrounds, such as Turkish kebabs, Russian salads,
vegetarian barbeques and childhood desserts.

Tongue Twisting Dinners is a series of four monthly dinners hosted by Eathouse. The dinners explore ways of initiating critical dialogue around contemporary urgencies. For each session Eathouse will host a different topic elaborated by guests whose research will guide the dialogue.
Tongue Twisting Dinners, Session 2:
who owns, who belongs, who reigns, who cooks
@ an other world

Tongue Twisting Dinners, Session 3:
reclamation of growth, attention to decay
@ an other world

Tongue Twisting Dinners, Session 4:
resistance at boiling point
@ an other world


The conversation during the second Tongue Twisting Dinner focused on issues of food sovereignty, belonging and recognition of cultures through local culinary practices. We invited guests Alaa Abu Asad, Escuela de Garaje (Santiago Pinyol) and Michael Lewis to elaborate on their experiences and knowledge.


The conversation during the third Tongue Twisting Dinner focused on gardening and composting on an urban scale as methodologies for living through ecological crises. We invited guests Four Siblings (Müge Yılmaz, Marija Šujica, Emiel Wolf) and Kate Price & Guillem S. Arquer, to discuss their recent projects and research.


For our last Tongue Twisting Dinner we brought together voices from Iran, Lebanon, Armenia and Turkey. This region, also referred to as S.W.A.N.A., continues to be affected by entangled geo-politics, oil trade, religious dogma and wars on territorial integrity. Each of our guests deals with the history of the region to position their practice in the current political climate.

Tongue Twisting Dinners, Session 1:
thinking collectively, digesting critically.
@ an other world